Train fares in Sussex set for 2.1 per cent price rise

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Train fares across the south are set for an average price hike of 2.1 per cent from next month, Southern Rail has announced.

Season ticket holders will see an increase of 2.5 per cent, with all changes coming into effect from Friday January 2.

However, Southern’s cheapest £5 advance fares will remain frozen for the eighth consecutive year and many off peak Gatwick Express fares will be frozen at 2014 prices with additional discounts online, the company said.

Alex Foulds, Southern’s commercial director, said: “This is great news for those looking for cheap off-peak travel, as we continue to freeze our cheapest Southern online advance fare at just £5 for the eighth consecutive year.

“Gatwick Express passengers will also benefit as we are freezing many non-season ticket fares on the route.”

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