A27 lane closures in Lewes allow for litter removal

Lane closures will be put in place along the A27 this week so that piles of litter can be removed.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 9:38 am
Lane closures will be in place along the A27

Lewes District began the work last night – with its Environment First team working between the Beddingham Roundabout and Southerham Roundabout from 9pm on Monday (May 24) to 6am today.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the team will move to the area between Southerham Roundabout and Ashcombe Roundabout, followed by the final litter clearance on Thursday night between Ashcombe Roundabout and the Falmer slip road.

The focus this week will be on the westbound side of the highway.

Subject to the approval of Highways England, the council hopes to tackle the corresponding eastbound stretch of the A27 in late June.

Mindful of the significant increase in litter along both carriageways, the council decided to pay for the lane closures rather than wait for Highways England to confirm when the A27 would be closed for roadworks.

Councillor Julie Carr, Cabinet Member for Recycling, Waste and Open Spaces, said: “I know how fed up residents have become at the dreadful state of the A27 and I share in their upset and anger about it.

“As a council we have been trying to work in tandem with Highways England so that our teams can safely remove the litter while their planned roadworks are undertaken, but these efforts have come to nothing.

“The situation has become untenable with piles of litter everywhere, so we have paid for the lanes to be closed and will remove the refuse as quickly as possible.

“I would ask motorists on the A27 to be responsible and take their litter home and bin it, if we catch anyone littering on the A27 we will prosecute them.”

When the work is completed Environment First will install signs telling motorists and trade vehicles keep the A27 clean by taking their rubbish home and ensuring their cargos are safely secured.