Earthquake strikes Sussex

An earthquake struck Sussex near Gatwick Airport overnight.

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Latest news

According to the national press, the tremor had a magnitude of 3.7 on the Richter scale and was felt by thousands of people.

The quake struck just before 3.45am.

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ITV weather presenter and meteorologist Laura Tobin reported the earthquake via Twitter.

As reported in the national press, the tremor was felt by people living in Greater London, West Sussex and Surrey.

Jenny Johnson said on Facebook: “We have survived the great Crawley earthquake. Not only did we survive but we slept through - tired after three days training.”

Mark Dunford said: “We woke because thought we heard the cat jump into the wardrobe, but the cat was laying on the floor.

“The earthquake obviously shook our wardrobe.”

Laura Ward said: “I was laying in bed watching TV when I felt my whole house move backwards and forwards for no longer than I few seconds.

“It caused the headboard to my bed hit the wall with a loud thud.”