Environmental information for Gatwick Airport passengers a 'welcome next step' in achieving important goal of net zero emissions

A campaign group are 'delighted' after the Department for Transport, and Civil Aviation Authority are looking to introducing the 'mandating the provision of environmental information to customers'.

A campaign was launched by the Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) to ensure air passengers were to be informed about the carbon they will be releasing by flying at time of booking their flight.

A spokesman for CAGNE said: "This was the campaign launched by CAGNE to educate the flyers not to demonise them – “Pledge to Fly Less- launched at House of Commons in June 2019.

"CAGNE conducted meetings with government and airports (we did approach airlines but declined meetings as did Gatwick Airport) to convince them to inform flyers of the burden they place on the planet by flying.

Gatwick Airport

"We are delighted to report that the Government, Department for Transport, and Civil Aviation Authority are looking to introduce this – 'mandating the provision of environmental information to customers'.

"Some airlines had already undertaken this, but not many. CAGNE submitted to the government that just as we label food and cigarette packets, flights should also be labels so that the consumer can be informed and make informed decisions whether to fly or not.

"CAGNE does not believe it did this alone, as it was with the support of Aviation Environment Federation, Campaign to Protect Rural England Sussex, Surrey and Kent and some noise groups around Heathrow, that this is now looking to become a reality.

"We will be writing to the government asking that the amount of carbon released be detailed in such a way that the consumer can liken it to taking a shower, eating a burger, things they do every day and thus realise the huge amount of carbon that is released when you fly as well as the greenhouse gases."

A Gatwick Airport spokesperson said this was a welcome step forward.

The spokesman said: “Achieving Net Zero for the aviation industry by 2050 is within our reach and the Jet Zero consultation – where this proposal to influence the behaviour of consumers was announced - is the next, welcome step toward achieving this important goal.

"To achieve Net Zero we will also need significant, coordinated action and cooperation between industry and Government, and investment and policies that encourage the development of new low carbon aviation technologies, including Sustainable Aviation Fuels and low or zero carbon aircraft.

"As aviation is also global in nature, Government must also drive stronger international action on aviation emissions.”