Gatwick Airport: All the cancelled and delayed easyJet, British Airways and Wizz Air flights for Saturday, July 2

Passengers travelling to and from Gatwick Airport have been hit by a swathe of cancellations and delays in recent weeks.

EasyJet said about 24 flights a day from Gatwick would be cancelled between Saturday, May 28 and Monday, June 6.

The airline said the cancellations were necessary ‘to provide reliable services over this busy period’.

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And it’s not just easyJet who have been axing flights from Gatwick. Wizz Air and British Airways have also cancelled a number of flights in recent days.

SussexWorld has complied a list of flights that have been grounded so far today (Friday, July 1) at Gatwick Airport. Picture by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

The airport has also announced that it will moderate its rate of growth for July and August by forcing airlines to cancel 4,000 summer flights.

Gatwick believes this action will then allow airlines to fly and manage more predictable and reliable flight programmes for the rest of the peak school summer holiday period.

The airport is ‘temporarily moderating’ the number of summer flights from 900 flights a day to 825 in July and 850 in August, according to the BBC.

This is so ‘passengers experience a more reliable and better standard of service’, Gatwick says.

SussexWorld has complied a list of flights that have been grounded and delayed so far today (Saturday, July 2) at Gatwick Airport.

All information correct at time of publication.

Arrivals across all terminals for Saturday, July 2:

9.45am – Tap Air Portugal flight from Lisbon – TP1330CANCELLED

10.10am – easyJet flight from Verona – EZY8448CANCELLED

10.15am – British Airways flight from Dublin – BA5832CANCELLED

10.15am – Aer Lingus flight from Dublin – EI232CANCELLED

10.25am – Norwegian flight from Oslo – DY1304CANCELLED

10.50am – British Airways flight from Bordeaux – BA2787CANCELLED

11.15am – easyJet flight from Santiago – EZY8590CANCELLED

11.40am – easyJet flight from Mahon – EZY8300CANCELLED

11.50am – easyJet flight from Belfast City – EZY702CANCELLED

12.20pm – easyJet flight from Brindisi – EZY8374CANCELLED

12.20pm – easyJet flight from Malaga – EZY8602CANCELLED

12.45pm – easyJet flight from Budapest – EZY8424CANCELLED

12.45pm – British Airways flight from Nice – BA2623CANCELLED

12.55pm – Wizz Air flight from Palermo – W65685ACANCELLED

1pm – British Airways flight from Verona – BA2597CANCELLED

1pm – Vueling flight from Verona – VY9950CANCELLED

1.10pm – Wizz Air flight from Malaga – W95724CANCELLED

1.40pm – Aer Lingus flight from Dublin – EI234CANCELLED

1.45pm – easyJet flight from Catania – EZY8566CANCELLED

2.10pm – easyJet flight from Malaga – EZY6472CANCELLED

2.35pm – Aer Lingus flight from Irl West Knock – EI912CANCELLED

3.45pm – easyJet flight from Bordeaux – EZY8014CANCELLED

7pm – Vueling flight from Malaga – VY6616CANCELLED

7.05pm – Vueling flight from Paris – VY6944CANCELLED

7.30pm – easyJet flight from Edinburgh – EZY6474CANCELLED

7.30pm – Vueling flight from Santiago – VY7108CANCELLED

8.25pm – British Airways flight from Ibiza – BA2873CANCELLED

9.35pm – British Airways flight from Antalya – BA2865CANCELLED

10.20pm – easyJet flight from Bari – EZY8368CANCELLED

Departures across all terminals for Saturday, July 2:

9.50am – British Airways flight to Glasgow – BA2512DELAYED 12.17pm

9.50am – Westjet flight to Halifax – WS025DELAYED 11.44am

10.10am – Vistara flight to Delhi – UK016ENQUIRE AIRLINE

10.10am – Tui flight to Melbourne – TOM012DELAYED 12.30pm

10.20am – British Airways flight to Islamabad – BA2261ENQUIRE AIRLINE

10.35am – Tap Air Portugal flight to Lisbon – TP1339ENQUIRE AIRLINE

10.35am – Wizz Air flight to Vienna – W65703DELAYED 11.25am

10.50am – Tui flight to Cancun – TOM088DELAYED 11.18am

10.55am – Aer Lingus flight to Irl West Knock – EI911ENQUIRE AIRLINE

10.55am – American Airlines flight to Orlando – AA6206DELAYED 12.35pm

10.55am – British Airways flight to Orlando – BA2037DELAYED 12.35pm

10.55am – Iberia flight to Orlando – IB4679DELAYED 12.35pm

11.05am – Tui flight to Punta Cana – TOM056DELAYED 1.15pm

11.10am – Norwegian flight to Oslo – DY1307ENQUIRE AIRLINE

11.10am – British Airways flight to Thira-Santorini – BA2820DELAYED 12.50pm

11.30am – Wizz Air flight to Rome – W65781DELAYED 12.15pm

11.35am – British Airways flight to Antalya – BA2864ENQUIRE AIRLINE

11.45am – easyJet flight to Hurghada – EZY8861ENQUIRE AIRLINE

11.50am – easyJet flight to Bordeaux – EZY8013ENQUIRE AIRLINE

12.10pm – Wizz Air flight to Palermo – W65686AENQUIRE AIRLINE

12.35pm – Westjet flight to Vancouver – WS023DELAYED 1.09pm

1.20pm – British Airways flight to Tenerife – BA2702ENQUIRE AIRLINE

1.25pm – British Airways flight to Cancun – BA2203DELAYED 2.30pm

1.30pm – Westjet flight to Toronto – WS004DELAYED 1.59pm

2.20pm – Aer Lingus flight to Dublin – EI235ENQUIRE AIRLINE

2.35pm – British Airways flight to Ibiza – BA2872ENQUIRE AIRLINE

2.40pm – British Airways flight to Arrecife – BA2732ENQUIRE AIRLINE

2.40pm – Vueling flight to Arrecife – VY9973ENQUIRE AIRLINE

2.40pm – easyJet flight to Funchal – EZY8135ENQUIRE AIRLINE

3.15pm – British Airways flight to Dublin – BA5837ENQUIRE AIRLINE

3.15pm – Aer Lingus flight to Dublin – EI237ENQUIRE AIRLINE

3.25pm – easyJet flight to Edinburgh – EZY6473ENQUIRE AIRLINE

4pm – easyJet flight to Bari – EZY8367ENQUIRE AIRLINE

4pm – easyJet flight to Paphos – EZY8937ENQUIRE AIRLINE

4.10pm – easyJet flight to Thessaloniki – EZY6477ENQUIRE AIRLINE

4.20pm – American Airlines flight to Malaga – AA6227DELAYED 5.20pm

4.20pm – British Airways flight to Malaga – BA2796DELAYED 5.20pm

5pm – British Airways flight to Marrakech – BA2666ENQUIRE AIRLINE

6.25pm – easyJet fight to Palma Mallorca – EZY8633ENQUIRE AIRLINE

6.40pm – British Airways flight to Faro – BA2854ENQUIRE AIRLINE

6.40pm – easyJet flight to Marrakech – EZY8897ENQUIRE AIRLINE

6.50pm – easyJet flight to Faro – EZY8929ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.40pm – easyJet flight to Alicante – EZY8671ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.40pm – British Airways flight to Malaga – BA8107ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.40pm – Iberia flight to Malaga – IB5963ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.40pm – Vueling flight to Malaga – VY6617ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.50pm – British Airways flight to Paris – BA8103ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.50pm – Iberia flight to Paris – IB5949ENQUIRE AIRLINE

7.50pm – Vueling flight to Paris – VY6945ENQUIRE AIRLINE

8.05pm – easyJet flight to Faro – EJU8927DELAYED 8.40pm

8.10pm – British Airways flight to Santiago – BA8097ENQUIRE AIRLINE

8.10pm – Iberia flight to Santiago – IB5555ENQUIRE AIRLINE

8.10pm – Iberia flight to Santiago – IB5987ENQUIRE AIRLINE

8.10pm – Vueling flight to Santiago – VY7109ENQUIRE AIRLINE

8.25pm – Sunexpress flight to Dalaman – XQ691DELAYED 9.50pm

9.10pm – British Airways flight to Alicante – BA2634ENQUIRE AIRLINE

10.35pm – Wizz Air flight to Mikonos – W95743ENQUIRE AIRLINE