Viral TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois visits Sussex, and spots special train with saucy name

A TikToker who has racked up millions of views paid a visit to Brighton in a bid to spot a special train with a rude name.

Francis Bourgeois is known for sharing videos of him trainspotting on TikTok – and he has hundreds of thousands of people follow his railway adventures.

The lovable train fan records his reaction as he spots rare locomotives, including his third favourite train – the Class 43 HST.

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And now the railway legend has paid a visit to Sussex.

Francis visited Brighton station in a bid to see 73962 Dick Mabutt.

In a video watched by more than seven million people, he says: “I’m staying up extra late tonight to see a test train pull into Brighton station.

“One of my favourite locomotives might be on it so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

The engine is named in tribute to an engineer who sadly passed away, Francis said. And his luck was in as the special engine pulled into Brighton.

Brighton Station. Photo: GTR

Reacting to Dick Mabutt, he said: “What a beautiful locomotive she is. Check out all the gear in there. I’m glad I stayed up late for this.”

Ryan Massen, Southern station manager at Brighton Station, said: “It’s brilliant to see such passion and enthusiasm for the railway.

“Francis has captured the nation’s heart and it’s great that he’s giving so many people an insight into the industry.

“I was working the night Francis visited us at Brighton and it was a pleasure to host him. We hope to see him again soon.”

And Francis has now revealed he is quitting his job to spot trains full time alongside his studies at the University of Nottingham.

He has made various appearances in the media including on This Morning and BBC Radio 1.