‘Leave Horsham alone’: suggestion of new town centre cycle route sparks debate

A suggestion to build a new two-way cycle route in Horsham town centre has sparked a huge debate.

But his suggestion sparked a huge response with people taking to the County Times Facebook page to debate his idea.

Jules Carless said: “No, no, no. Too many people around town.

Horsham town centre

“Why should they dodge the cyclists. Horsham is a pedestrianised area. Should stay that way.”

Emma Mabey added: “Absolutely no, keep off the pavements, keep to the roads and someone stop then zooming down the middle of town –nightmare!”

Elaine Smith said: “The last bicycle initiative was a disaster for goodness sake leave Horsham alone!”

Last year the council converted one of the lanes on Albion Way into a one way cycle route running northbound.

The scheme – thought to cost nearly £15,000 – was scrapped after just a few weeks when it came under fire from furious residents who branded it ‘daft and dangerous’.

But some people are in favour of a cycle route through the Carfax.

John Kempshall said the suggestion was ‘a great idea’.

Mark Bradbury added: “100 per cent yes along with a wider bridge with a cycle Lane and decent footpath between the Lidl roundabout and the station.”

Some people raised concerns that few cyclists use the Carfax at the moment. But Adam Bronkhorst said: “Maybe they aren’t using it as they don’t have a safe space to cycle.

“No one ever built a bridge based on the amount of people swimming over a river.”