‘Lethal’ Horsham road crossing: former paramedic calls for action

A former paramedic has called for safety measures to protect pedestrians from a ‘nightmare’ road crossing in Horsham.

Chris Britton said the Horsham crossing was 'lethal'
Chris Britton said the Horsham crossing was 'lethal'

Chris Britton said the roundabouts on the A24 at Highwood Mill, which now experience heavy traffic due to the controversial Broadbridge Heath bypass works, need traffic lights to prevent a serious accident.

He said: “I often walk up there - to go to the garden centre. Since they started all those road works - your life is in your own hands. Trying to cross that road is a nightmare.

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“The traffic has increased by threefold, trying to cross the road [as a pedestrian] at this point has now become lethal.

Chris Britton said the Horsham crossing was 'lethal'

“Somebody is going to be involved in a road traffic collision, it won’t be a minor it will be serious - with potentially fatal consequences.

“I’m a very fit person and I have to run and dodge the traffic to cross it. It’s so dangerous.”

Chris expressed concern for vulnerable residents crossing the road and said the area must come under close scrutiny.

He added: “It’s a safety concern on those roundabouts. It’s a big issue.

“What hope has a pedestrian [got]. [It’s an] accident waiting to happen.

“They need to put in a temporary crossing facility there. It needs to be controlled by a traffic light.

“If it backs up traffic a little bit. Well that’s tough to be honest with you.

“I would sooner have somebody crossing the road safely than ending up in casualty. At the end of the day safety is paramount.”

Chris said he hoped to see ‘big changes’ to help keep pedestrians safe.

He added: “It’s scary. I feel unsafe crossing [the roundabout].

“I used to work as a paramedic in Horsham. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

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