Newhaven lifeboat rescues fishing boat stalled by rope

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Volunteers from Newhaven’s RNLI Lifeboat Station were launched yesterday (Tuesday June 25) at 3.30pm to a 10m commercial fishing vessel with a rope around its propeller and rudder in Friars Bay off Peacehaven.

The boat’s crew had dropped the anchor but initially this was not holding.

Newhaven’s Severn Class Lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland arrived on scene and passed a tow line to the fishing vessel which had two people on-board.

Whilst under tow, rope was seen dragging from behind the boat.

After a short time the rope worked its way free and drifted off.

Newhaven Lifeboat towed the boat into the safety of the harbour.

The fishing vessel then started its engine and proceeded to its berth under its own power with its propeller and rudder free.

Newhaven Lifeboat then returned to sea to try and locate the large piece of rope to avoid other vessels becoming entangled.

After a short search nothing was found and they returned to station.