Sick angler winched to helicopter in Newhaven rescue

Coastguard paramedic helps an angler who was unconscious
Coastguard paramedic helps an angler who was unconscious

A Coastguard paramedic was winched down to take an ill angler to hospital on Sunday morning.

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland’ and her volunteer crew was tasked to a medical emergency during an exercise at 11.10am.

An angler on a charter was unconscious for around ten minutes and was thought to have had a heart attack.

The lifeboat went at full speed towards the casualty whilst the angling vessel also proceeded at full speed towards the lifeboat.

Three lifeboat crew with full medical kit were readied.

En route more information was received from the fishing vessel as the casualty had become partially conscious.

His medical history helped give the volunteer lifeboat crew a fuller picture.

Once the lifeboat and the fishing vessel met at 11.33am the three volunteer crew were transferred across and the casualty was immediately assessed.

It was quickly established the sick angler needed urgent hospital treatment.

A short time afterwards Coastguard rescue helicopter R104 arrived on scene and a paramedic was winched down.

The sick angler was then prepared for the helicopter lift and was winched up.

He was transferred to Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital.

The lifeboat crew were recovered onto the main lifeboat and they returned to station.