Watch Rustington boy's close shave at traffic crossing after car runs red light

A boy from Rustington had a close shave with a car that ran a red light at a traffic crossing, prompting his mum to release footage of the incident as a warning to other parents.

On Thursday, October 3, at around 4.30pm, Lewis Dodds was about to cross Worthing Road in Rustington as it was a green light for pedestrians.

But thankfully, the nine-year-old Georgian Gardens Community Primary School pupil checked before he walked, as a car drove past moments before he was about to cross.

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His mother Laura Alderton, from Maple Walk, Rustington, filmed the whole incident and has reported the driver to Sussex Police.

Laura Alderton, from Maple Walk, Rustington, with her son Lewis Dodds, nine

She said: "It may seem small but my nine-year-old was literally a step away from being hit. Luckily he knows to check.

"This sort of bad driving always happens on this road and it is always busy with pedestrians at peak times in the morning and afternoons.

"I was only recording him as he was having a little dance while waiting for the green man."

Laura said Lewis is under diagnosis for autism, and when he is in new or stressful situations, he dances to help himself focused - self-stimulatory behaviour, also known as stimming - which is why she filmed him.

She hoped by sharing the video, it would be a warning for other parents and also to drivers. She said: "This is the first time he has crossed a road alone and I thought at the lights he would be safe.

"He has always been told to check even if the green man is there; it was the last thing I said before he crossed over.

"He definitely doesn't realise why I didn't stop hugging him all that evening and night and days after.

"It's awful how people choose to drive. My son could have come off so much worse."

Sussex Roads Police and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership have teamed up to launch Operation Crackdown, a campaign targeting antisocial driving. For more information, click here.