Gatwick Airport planning chief: We really want to hear from you to help shape our Northern Runway plans

Earlier this month, we launched our 12-week public consultation into plans to bring our existing Northern Runway into routine use.

This is a low-impact plan which is designed to maximise the use of existing infrastructure. It involves moving the centre-line of our current Northern Runway just 12m to enable it to be used for departing flights, alongside our existing Main Runway and effectively making Gatwick a dual runway operation.

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This falls within Government policy while meeting all international safety standards. In fact, similar operations are already in place at major global airports, such as LA International and San Francisco.

Tim Norwood, Chief Planning Officer, Gatwick Airport

This public consultation is an important part of the planning process as it provides everyone who has an opinion to give us their views, ideas and suggestions on our plans.

Whether you are supportive of the extra 18,400 new jobs the Northern Runway project will create - developing skills and employability for our children and for future generations – or impressed by the extra £1.5bn GVA to the region, or simply the greater connectivity this will provide for people to go on holiday, travel for business or to see family and friends - or whether you have questions or concerns over our proposed mitigations on noise, carbon emissions or traffic congestion - we really want to hear from you.

We are very much in listening mode and your feedback will help us shape the project into something which will maximise the benefits for all. So please do take the time to share your thoughts with us.

After the consultation closes, we will review all of the responses and adapt our plans where we need to.

Hopefully, many initial concerns have been addressed in the detailed materials available on our website, where you can find a summary, an overview document, as well as take the opportunity to visit our virtual exhibition. You can also call our freephone hotline (0800 038 3486), book a call with an expert or join a virtual briefing.

Within the available documents, we set out how we believe the project is low-impact and how it will be delivered in a sustainable way, which helps to achieve the Government’s overall goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

We also outline proposals for new road improvements which would allow local traffic to be separated from airport traffic, alongside other local road improvements.

Further, you can read about how we will manage noise and put in place an extended noise insulation scheme to help address noise impacts.

For those people who may find online access difficult, Gatwick will be operating a mobile project office which will visit towns and villages around West and East Sussex, Surrey, and Kent to hand out materials and help residents navigate the consultation process. In addition, all consultation documents will be available at various community facilities, including libraries across the region.

Anyone interested in responding to the public consultation can do so either by:

- completing the online consultation questionnaire at email comments to [email protected]

- Complete a hard copy questionnaire and return it using the FREEPOST address: FREEPOST RTRB-LUUJ-AGBY