Wick Parade parking times are cut '“ and this Littlehampton councillor isn't happy

A councillor has expressed concerns after Wick Parade car park's parking times changed.

Councillor Ian Buckland
Councillor Ian Buckland

Last week, the times were changed from 24-hour free parking to three hours of free parking with no return for one hour, with a £100 parking fine if this is not obeyed.

West Sussex County Councillor Ian Buckland criticised Flude Commercial, which manages the car park, for the change.

He said: “They are making on-street parking more difficult, because it is already at a premium in Littlehampton.

“Let’s work together rather than working against each other, because to me, they are working against us.”

His primary concern was that those who lived above the shops in the parade and parked their cars there could now be forced to park on the streets, worsening the parking congestion.

He said it could also cause problems for employees that work in the shops in the parade, and wanted to know if Flude would be issuing parking permits to those who are regular users of the car park.

He said: “I want to know what their intentions are, and why they have done this.”

Flude Commercial was approached for a comment on Monday.