TRAVEL: Overnight lane closures on M25 and M3

Overnight roadworks and repairs are planned on the M25 tonight, with various lanes closed from 9pm between and around J10 and J11.

Saturday, 18th February 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:38 am

Roadworks are also planned on the eastbound M3 between J4 and J6, from 8pm tonight to 7am tomorrow.

M25 closures:

Three lanes will be closed clockwise on the M25 between J10 and J11 from 9pm to 8am tomorrow, with lanes 3 and 4 also closed in the anti-clockwise direction.

Three of four clockwise lanes will also be closed between J9 and J10 during the same hours.

The clockwise bound M25 will also see the entry slip at J10 closed and two lanes closed within J10.

In the anti-clockwise direction, roadworks in and around J1A will see the entry slip road closed and two of four lanes on the motorway closed from 8pm tonight to 5am.

M3 closures:

On the eastbound M3, all three lanes will be closed between J6 and J4, and the entry slip roads at J5 and J4A will be closed.

The entry slip at Fleet Services will also have one lane closed tonight.