Tree planting bonanza in Seaford thanks to community group

Tree wardens in Seaford have been hard at work - with a little help.
Tree wardens in Seaford have been hard at work - with a little help.

Seaford Tree Wardens were proud to announce this week that they were back in business planting a grand total of 39 trees over two weekends.

The trees were planted in Chyngton Way, South Way, Fairways Road, Millberg Road and Saltwood Road. Rowans, Whitebeams, Chanticleer Pears, Flowering Cherries, Field Maples and May Trees (or Hawthorns) were planted.

Particularly exciting for the group was planting three disease resistant elms in Chyngton Way, to replace trees which had succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease. Chair of Seaford Tree Wardens Keith Blackburn said: “Over the past year we’ve been working closely with Seaford Town Council and East Sussex County Council.

“This has resulted in a ground-breaking agreement that the trees will be planted by the Tree Wardens, under the authority of Seaford Town Council, and looked after by the wardens and local residents for five years.

“After this, East Sussex County Council will take over responsibility for the trees.

“We are absolutely delighted that we are able to start planting again.”

Seaford Tree Wardens said the best time to plant trees was early spring or autumn, and the wardens are already looking forward to a second round of tree planting in October/November 2014.

The trees are paid for by Seaford Town Council, The Big Tree Plant and residents’ contributions.

Keith continued: “We have been overwhelmed by messages of support from members of the public, as well as from elected officials, and would like to thank everyone who has encouraged and helped us get to the point where we can start planting again.

“In particular, we would like to thank James Newmarch, highway tree officer at East Sussex County Council and Ben King, projects and facilities manager at Seaford Town Council for their help and support.”

Seaford Tree Wardens are also planning some Tree “TLC Days”, to look after Seaford’s existing trees.

If you are interested in finding out more, would like to help, or would like to find out about planting a tree in your road, contact Margery Diamand.

Her email address is or contact Jenny Tillyard at