Tree topples in Alexandra Park, Hastings

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A maple tree came crashing down as a group of children were enjoying a teddy bears picnic in Alexandra Park at about 2pm today (August 28).

The party, which was organised by the Hastings Pensioners Association, was attended by some 30 people, including about 10 children.

Pamela Alders, of Marina, said: “A huge chunk of tree came down and it was lucky no one was hurt. It could have been terrible, someone could have been killed if they had been underneath it.

Jean Gillam, secretary of the Hastings Pensioners Association, said: Nobody was hurt. We just heard a cracking sound, like fireworks, and the branch came down but we weren’t near it, but if someobody had been underneath the tree then they could have been hurt.

Tracy Hobden, communications officer at Hastings Borough Council, told the

The council’s contractor’s Gristwood and Toms cut the tree up and the Landscape Group helped to cordon off the area and clear it.

“They did they good job,” added Jean.