Trees removed after fears for Uckfield homes

Tall trees felled in Oakwood Drive, Uckfield.
Tall trees felled in Oakwood Drive, Uckfield.
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A row of leylandii trees have been removed from an Uckfield street after fears they could pose a threat to life and property.

Back in January the Express reported how residents living in Oakwood Drive were worried about the 38 Cypress leylandii trees after one was brought down by storms, blocking the road and damaging an 80-year-old woman’s house.

Another fell on Christmas Eve last year blocking the path and damaging another house.

In February another of the trees fell destroying a car parked underneath.

The trees were twice the height of the homes they faced on the other side of the road.

Residents feared their houses could be next and called on Wealden District Council to remove them.

The district council said it has now completed the action to remove the trees in Oakwood Drive after the residents raised their concerns.

It said it would like to thank the residents for their co-operation while the work was taking place.

The council said the trees had been planted more than 25 years ago but it had been difficult to do anything about them because the land owner had gone into administration.

Cllr Ann Newton, Cabinet member for Planning and Development, said: “Since then the owner of the land had gone into administration, making it very difficult for the usual planning enforcement process to be used.

“The severe weather conditions earlier this year made it clear that firm action was needed.

“We used the powers available under the Local Government Act 1976 to deal with the situation.

“I would like to thank all the residents of Oakwood Drive for their cooperation in moving vehicles while the work was taking place, allowing our contractors, P J Chaffin, to get on with the job.

“We really appreciated their support, which helped us to complete the work in two weeks.”

The work, which cost £19,000, has been paid for by Wealden District Council.

The leylandii trees were cut into logs which have been left out for use by residents living in the area.

The trees caused such concern because the roots are shallow and not very stable.

It meant residents were concerned the trees could easily be blown down by the wind and could have posed a risk to residents living in the road.