Trevor ‘Talks to the Animals’ to raise money for welfare

The album cover
The album cover

Local well known wildlife rescuer and animal welfare campaigner Trevor Weeks MBE is hoping to make it into the charts this Christmas along with over 30 other stars and celebrities from music, stage and screen after teaming up with Debbie Curtis to record a twotrack Single called “Talk to the Animals.”

Debbie Curtis and her staff at DCRBB Music have spent 10 months putting ‘Big Band Aid’ together, contacting the celebs, organising recording dates and travelling a zillion miles up and down and across the UK with a portable studio to record each of the contributors individually, in dressing rooms, hotels, offices and homes. Debbie wore out a set of car tyres, burned out an alternator and blew up her air conditioning in the process!

Trevor Weeks said: “Debbie approached me asking if I would help and take part in the single after being suggested by actress Virginia McKenna. Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a singer, I don’t even sing in the shower, ever since I was told as a child that I couldn’t sing I’ve never sung! I was very reluctant and hesitant but I felt that if it helps stop the suffering of animals then I’ve got to do it. I’m afraid I ended up talking my way through the single more than singing, as I was so nervous and such a bad singer! I just hope that no animals are caused any suffering by hearing me on the single!”

The single is in aid of Viva! which campaigns for a vegetarian/vegan world due to the conditions in which most farmed animals spend their short and miserable lives in factory farms.