TREVOR WEEKS: A range of rescues, and well done to young fundraisers

Razorbill from Eastbourne SUS-170222-150806001
Razorbill from Eastbourne SUS-170222-150806001

A swan was admitted from Tanbridge Road Eastbourne on Tuesday night after being found limping, but the swan turns out to be quite old and the limp is more to do with the age of the swan than an actual injury.

A big thank you to Scarlett, Chloe and Fleur in year six at Seaford Primary School, who arranged a bake sale after school on Monday February 20 to support East Sussex WRAS.

They all worked really hard and raised an amazing £82.56!

Well done girls.

Rescuers Kai Ahmed, Laura Carrick, Fiona Palmer and Chris Riddington have rescued a poor white pigeon trapped in netting at Lewes Railway Station this week. Kai and Chris used two ladders to gain access to the bird.

Chris went up first and managed to grab the birds legs to prevent it escaping, Kai reached in and managed to grab the bird and pull it through the netting where Chris had cut a hole.

The hole was secured afterwards using cable ties and to prevent any other birds becoming trapped.

The pigeon was given fluids at the centre by Katie and bedded down.

We are now up to 21 young doves which we have had to rear so far this year which is more than we did in 2014!

At almost 2am Rescuer Chris Riddington was called out to try and catch an injured gull in Compton Road, Eastbourne.

He spent about an hour trying to catch this gull with a severe leg injury in but unfortunately it could still fly and a game of cat a mouse progressed.

We’ve had a few very poorly foxes in this week.

Rescuers dealt with one in Gorringe Road, Eastbourne.

The poor fox had multiple nasty fractures to one of her legs and suffering from mange.

New vet Ben and the WRAS care team managed to strap the poorly leg and give fluids.

She has been settled for the night on pain relief and antibiotics and will be reassessed in the morning once settled, but unfortunately she didn’t survive.

Rescuers were called to London Road Brighton last week, due to reports of a trapped gull on the roof of the Natwest Bank.

Callers had tried other organisations closer to them but no one was available to attend.

Rescuer Karen Francis from Eastbourne and care student Jack made the 40 minute journey from WRAS casualty centre in Whitesmith.

When they arrived rescuers soon realised that this would be to high for their ladders being four storeys up.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service sent an appliance to the scene to assess the situation.

They requested that their aerial platform appliance attended for safety reasons. Rescuer Karen was quite surprised when firefighters turned to her and asked her to kit up.

She thought they were joking when they told her to put on their uniform and harness.

Karen and the Fire Service went up in the platform and firefighters and Karen managed to secure the gull safely.

Once back on the ground Karen assessed the casualty and decided the best thing to do would be to get it back the hospital.

A big thank you to the fire service for their help.

After the horrific incident of three deer being fatally injured a couple of weeks ago near Newick there has been another incident up on Ashdown Forest, which resulted in the rangers having to shoot a female fallow deer.

So sad that this keeps happening.

A beautiful razorbill has come into care after being found by a fisherman in Eastbourne on the beach by Royal Parade.

Rescuer Katie Nunn Nash attended and brought the bird to the hospital.

On arrival Trevor, Katie and Chris assessed the poor thing and found him to be tired and emaciated.

Chris and Katie started him on fluid therapy to rehydrate him before being transported up to the Swan Sanctuary for specialist help and support.