TREVOR WEEKS - Casualties mount up despite a full staff through the snow

Trevor weeks 22-03-13 SE
Trevor weeks 22-03-13 SE

Despite the snow last week, most of our volunteers managed to get in, my sincere thanks to them all for their hard work.

I ended up staying two nights at the centre because of the snow. We still had casualties coming in though during the snow. At least three pigeons, a hedgehog and a blackbird were admitted.

There was also a bat from a school in Eastbourne too. Two of the pigeons were elderly, one with severe Canker, the other with a broken wing and the younger third pigeon has severe Coccidia and is under weight.

Chris and Lyn who run a small rescue organisation in Bexhill delivered across two nestling pigeons later in the week after they were dumped on their doorstep. The one thing which kept me smiling during the stress of dealing with the adverse weather was the cheerfulness of the young pigeons wing waggling and squeaking for food!

New baby pigeon ‘Amigo’ was another addition at the hospital this week. He was rescued by Tony and delivered to Kathy who nursed the bird overnight. He has a few small wounds on his back, a bloody nose injury, a full crop but not yet fledged, so possibly taken from the nest by something. He needed a few stitches but is doing well and is now in with ‘Pinky’ a white pigeon of the same age who was also taken from his nest.

We had an emergency call to Peacehaven after a dove became caught in a fence. There was blood everywhere and the poor bird’s wing was very badly damaged. Rescuer Dave attended on site and swiftly freed the bird which was then taken to the vets where sadly the injuries were too severe to survive.

Congratulations to Victoria Duffin and Thomas Orger who are due to be married on November 30. To celebrating their wedding, they have set up a justgiving donation page in aid of WRAS!

The injured fox at Constable Way Bexhill which was rescued three weeks ago going round in circles after being hit by a car, was finally released too. We were looking to release her the Monday night the snow hit, but this was delayed till Thursday. It was really good to see her go.

People are starting to call us regarding fox cubs. If you are dismantling a shed or anything and come across some cubs, we would advise that you replace the base covering the young and leave for 24 hours. Normally the vixen will come back and move her youngsters overnight to somewhere safe. This is best for the welfare of the foxes. There are a number of companies which offer deterrence advice and products which, if used correctly, will encourage the fox to move her young. It is common for foxes to move their young at different ages as they outgrow their den too. The vixen will move her young one at a time and quite often use a half-way house, which could be leaving the cubs hidden behind some bushes at the bottom of a garden or gap behind a shed.

We are starting to plan to get our over wintered hedgehogs out for release, if we have rescued a hedgehog from you over the past few months, we hope to be able to return the 110 hedgehogs which have been successful over wintered. Luckily this time of year is quiet for hedgehog casualties, but we are getting several injured birds coming in.w

The spring is fast approaching now and we will start getting more casualties coming in and this will be a costly time of year for us, so if you are able to support us my taking out a standing order for as little as £1 a month, it would really help us. Our March newsletter is out and can be downloaded from our website and there is a donation and standing order form on the back page. We have a badger which has come in from Fletching. It is rather underweight and possibly the same badger which we saw near by a few weeks ago at a stable yard. The badger appears to be a youngster which has probably been given his marching orders by his mum. He is a lovely chap but struggling in the cold weather. Normally when we admit a badger they don’t eat the first night, but this chap ate most of the food put in for him!