TREVOR WEEKS MBE - A badger had lucky escape and a pigeon gets to fly again

An amazing �470 was raised at Hailsham Asda a couple of weeks ago. We would like to thank everyone for their support.
An amazing �470 was raised at Hailsham Asda a couple of weeks ago. We would like to thank everyone for their support.

Ambulances have been out again this week responding to a variety of calls including a badger which fell into a basement garden in Hastings.

The badger was luckily not injured and was released back to the wild in the evening when safer, by our colleagues from RSPCA Mallydams. Ambulances have had another very poorly fox to deal with dragging both rear legs. Rescuers attended on site and had to search an area of a couple of roads in Hailsham.

The fox was found, but sadly had a spinal fracture and had to be rushed to the vets where euthanasia was the vet’s only option. We have also had a number of cat attack victims this week including a starling, gull, dove, pigeon, blackbird and magpies.

Our centre was plunged into darkness last week for several hours. It was very odd as the main hospital first aid room and casualty room one had power but nothing to the rest of the centre. We checked the fuse board but nothing had tripped, so ended up calling out RMES Electricians. In the end it turned out to be one of the three phase electrical fuses which had blown further down the building. Our apologies to anyone who couldn’t get through as a result.

We’ve managed to count the money raised at Hailsham Asda a couple of weeks ago and it was an amazing £470. We would like to thank everyone who supported us there and also thank you to the staff and customers at Eastbourne Waitrose for raising £330 for WRAS via their Community Matters project. This coming weekend we will be a Morrison’s superstore at Hampden Park with a display and collection so please come along.

It made our day last week to see one of our young pigeons flying. It was totally unexpected as he had come from someone who had rescued him and kept him for a couple of weeks with a broken wing before seeking help. The fracture calcified but there was restricted movement in one of the joints. We were not sure if there would be sufficient movement in order for the pigeon to be able to fly again.

We gave it a try as he was only a fledgling and it would be so sad to think he would never fly again. After being with us a few weeks to recover from his injury, he went into our indoor aviary with some of our other pigeons. At first he was clearly confused as to why he couldn’t get on to the higher perches like them, but he settled and was able to perch on the lower branches. A few days ago we saw him on the highest perch, but we suspected he may have climbed the mesh to get there. But no, we saw him fly a number of times, so we are thrilled. He will go into an outdoor aviary with some of our babies when they are weaned so we can check his flying skills further.

We have a number of pigeons waiting for release but the weather is still dire! We were also chuffed to hear from one of our outdoor aviary sites that all the pigeons in there are now flying strongly, all of them were long term casualties, so they are now being soft released.

Our latest newsletter is being posted out. It has a glossy colour front cover, but don’t think we’ve spent a fortune as we have managed to get a deal and print them for £300 less than the normal cost of our black and white newsletters.

We started micro chipping our hedgehogs as part of a study we are running over the next 10 years. We are going to start by monitoring hedgehogs in the Seaford, Stone Cross and Polegate areas. After Easter, once a number of our hedgehogs have been released, we will undertake regular monitoring and scanning of hedgehogs which return to release sites as well as scanning those which come back into care and any found dead in the selected areas.