TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Casualty fox gets new lease of life and pigeons get social

Best of friends:  The wood pigeon and the white pigeon enjoying each other's company
Best of friends: The wood pigeon and the white pigeon enjoying each other's company
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We have now managed to release the gorgeous road casualty fox mention in last week’s column.

You may remember he was picked up by a member of staff from the Kit Wilson Trust charity shop in Eastbourne. He made a remarkable recovery so we have now been able to release him back where he belongs. You can see the short video of his release on our You Tube Channel at

You will also find a release video of a swan which Sussex Police called us out to last week. WRAS’s new ambulance responded to the call.

We have had a very early young dovelet come into care from Uckfield. He was found in someone’s house being played with by a cat.

As a result of being born at this time of year he has mild calcium deficiency which can be seen by his tail feathers, very rubbery beak and under development for his age. He is able to perch on our fingers and is fairly bright despite not having been fed by his parents for over 24hrs. He seems to be doing well, we were worried about him for the first few days, as he had been only able to take tiny amounts of food every two hours and was very weak and dehydrated.

He has since improved and is now taking his full amount and is looking and feeling much stronger, so fingers crossed he will continue to improve.

We have had a wood pigeon come into care after being found in a garden in Scaynes Hill unable to fly. He has no obvious issues but is underweight so is now in for monitoring and faecal sample analysis, and has had fluids to rehydrate him. We have also had in a little white pigeon with just a couple of black flecks on him from Eastbourne.

This lovely photo was taken by one of our volunteers, these are the two pigeons that had severe neurological problems.

They had been in enclosed separate cages next to each other so hadn’t met before. Now they are fitter and healthy they have been moved to these more open cages and will shortly be moved into our indoor aviary to check their ability to fly properly.

Being able to meet other birds like this helps reduce the stress of being put together in a strange environment. Doing it this way means we can monitor any recurring symptoms and move them on at their own pace. These two are now the best of friends.

You may recall me mentioning about a very smelly hedgehog which we named after the cheese ‘Stinking Bishop’.

He has been back to the vets to have the wounds on his underside cleaned and checked again. The skin between the two wounds on his back has now broken down and come off as expected but has revealed nice granulation tissue underneath.

It is harder to assess the wound on his underside which is why he will return to the vets for another check up.

These are just a few of the other calls which our ambulances have responded to this week. An injured rabbit at Park Mead Primary School at Upper Dicker; a hedgehog disturbed whilst a Pampas Grass was being dug up and moved at Ninfield; a gull trapped in a fence in Hampden Park; an injured pigeon at Cooksbridge; a dog attacked goose unable to fly in Seaford which has now been taken up to the Swan Sanctuary; an injured gull in Farlaine Road, Eastbourne; an injured pigeon in Broderick Road, Hampden Park; a hedgehog with both its rear legs missing in Woodlands Close, Uckfield and a very underweight hedgehog found in The Holt, Hailsham.