Trevor Weeks MBE - Entangled deer rescued at edge of railway line

A deer had to be rescued on the Uckfield railway line last Thursday. The male roe deer or buck had bailer twine caught round its antlers and neck which was also attached to a piece of wood caught at the edge of the railway line about 20-30metres away from the Hempstead Lane crossing at Uckfield in East Sussex.

The deer was spotted by a late night dog walker. Trevor Weeks attended on site from his nearby home at the Horse Sanctuary in Hempstead Lane.

“When I arrived at the crossing the deer was clearly caught but it was difficult to tell exactly how. My first concern was is there a train due, so I used the phone at the crossing to contact the signal box at Oxted who advised that no trains were due. At first it looked like the bailer twine was attached to a piece of wood, but the twine was also caught on part of the track fixings,” explained Trevor.

“The deer was stressed and exhausted, and it was clear the deer had to be freed as soon as possible in order to stand any chance of surviving. As I approach to get a better look in the dark, the deer flipped over giving me the ideal opportunity to jump it and pin it to the floor. I took the rather risky opportunity and within just a few minutes I was able to cut the deer free and remove the twine which was luckily not tightly attached round the deer’s neck. I know my partner Kathy won’t be pleased to hear I tackled the deer without the back up of other rescuers present, but it was too good an opportunity to miss making the rescue so much quicker and easier for the deer.“

The deer ran off through the bushes and into the darkness. “It was a good job the deer was spotted when it was or it may have died of stress by the morning or even been hit by an early morning train,” said Trevor.