TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Fire crews to the rescue as gull gets entangled on roof

Trevor Weeks 19-04-13
Trevor Weeks 19-04-13
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We must thank the guys from Eastbourne Fire Station for helping us to rescue a gull seriously entangled in line on a roof in Eastbourne at the weekend.

The bird was badly entangled and had caused a ligature wound to the leg as a result. Ladders were needed to reach the bird close to the chimney. The gull is now at the Casualty Centre and been medicated. We are monitoring the leg and injury but hope the gull will make a full recovery.

Trevor Weeks 19-04-13

Trevor Weeks 19-04-13

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Spring Fair in Seaford last Saturday, and especially to WRAS volunteers Les, Sue, John, Kathy, Amy and Hazel for all their help on the stalls. In just a few hours, we took over £330! Thank you very much. We especially loved the Hedgehog cupcakes made by Catherine which all sold.

Karen Breese from Eastbourne has set herself 4 Challenges 4 Wildlife! She is running the London Marathon 26 Miles, the Norman Conquest 50 miles, Three Peaks Challenge over 24 hours and a 100 mile race in August travelling over 250 miles in total throughout the Spring and Summer 2013 to raise money for WRAS!

Please support her and make a donation today. Her justgiving page is

The stoat which was in our care all last week has now been released fit and well, back where he was found. He has been a fantastic casualty to deal with and, when he first came in, we really thought he wouldn’t survive. We were also called out to Alfriston to a baby badger, found by some walkers on the Southdowns Way near Alfriston. The walkers picked up the badger and knocked on the door of a house they walked past when they got to Alfriston.

He was very cold and clearly very young too. The walkers left the badger at the house and continued on their way so we had no background information or exact details of where the badger was found. We would normally look for other youngsters in case mum has been killed but on this occasion it was no possible. He is now with Folly Wildlife Rescue near Tunbridge Wells as we don’t see many baby badgers at WRAS to form a social group for release purposes. Thank you to everyone at Folly for their help.

Rescuer Jayden attended on site to what was thought to be a squirrel trapped in a cavity. As he unscrewed the plaster board he discovered a little fox cub looking back at him. I joined Jayden to assess the situation but after looking round the outside of the building we couldn’t understand how a fox could get inside the cavity. The kind lady who owned the house mentioned that she often sees foxes on the roof of the extension as they jump from the wooden fence up onto the flat roof. The extension roof has a apex roof round three sides which has a drainage channel running through it. When this was constructed the sides were not boarded over so the vixen was able to enter the channel and jump into the roof space. The owner was worried that more cubs could be inside the roof and could fall down into the cavity and die or fall to their death on the concrete below before they are old enough to jump down safely.

A DIY friend of the lady visited the following day and helped create a hole in the roof by removing tiles so I could get inside to check for other cubs. It took over an hour to get inside and over 30 minutes checking once I had squeezed through the hole. We found a dead frog and a couple of bonio dog biscuits, but the faeces were dry and old, nothing fresh. After a thorough check it appears the vixen had moved all the other cubs off the roof, but left this one behind after it fell into the cavity where she sadly couldn’t get to it. The cub is now in our care and being hand reared.