TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Night time rescue call-outs keep the wildlife team busy

Trevor weeks'for the web
Trevor weeks'for the web

We’ve had a week of very busy evening and night time calls.

Kathy and I rushed out to a road casualty fox on London Road in Uckfield on Friday evening last week. We were on site with our ambulance within 15 minutes, and after a short search the fox was found and quickly secured.

Deep pain reflexes were missing in one rear leg and we could see some wounds but it was difficult to assess in the dark. We rushed the fox to the nearest emergency vets at Tunbridge Wells where the injuries were assessed better but sadly found to be too severe to treat. The fox was sedated and then euthanized.

We also had a Kestrel admitted during the evening unable to fly. The bird was given medication and its wings supported and settled down for the night and seen by vets the following morning.

James the vet at Henley House Vets checked for a possible fractured wing using X-ray. Luckily the fracture was not too serious and not displaced so should heal very well. Strangely enough, we only released a Kestrel which had been admitted five weeks ago with a fractured wing back at Newhaven.

Rescuer Chris rescued a lovely dove found grounded outside some shops in the centre of Eastbourne on another night time call-out. He is now with WRAS carer Kathy in Uckfield where he is being well looked after. Chris also dealt with a badly injured pigeon at the same time at Sovereign Harbour which sadly hasn’t survived.

Other night time calls have included seeing ambulances rushing to a swan wandering on the A22 between Stone Cross and Hampden Park; Emergency calls to a road casualty fox at Hampden Park; a crashed goose hidden in some bushes at Shinewater Park; call out from Sussex Cars with a road casualty gull in Eastbourne; Sussex Police calling out WRAS to deal with a swan crashed on A22 dual carriageway near Eastbourne; and many more.

We have had seven more young hedgehogs come in, including several from Lewes and Newhaven. One was just 78 grams and another only 125grams. The larger one has what could be a rat bite on his back which is infected and has needed cleaning and treating. Both are lapping esbilac and lectade and WRAS Carer Monica Russell will be taking them. She has over 15 baby hedgehogs at home now in addition to the number of youngsters which have now been admitted to the Casualty Centre now Monica has got them feeding for themselves.

Kathy rushed out to pick up a mature blackbird fledgling in Uckfield who was a window strike. The bird looked bright when she checked him over on site although a little off balance and unable to fly. When she got him home the bird was very collapsed and stressed. Medication and fluids were given after veterinary advice and he brightened up considerably. Other than giving him time there was not much more we could do. Kathy decided to pop him out into one of the aviaries with the other fledglings she is looking after and he gradually perked up. He was eventually released a few days later.

Rescuer Dave was flagged down by RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley in Lewes Town Centre last week as they were trying to rescue a gull trapped on the roof above Pizza Express, the Fire Brigade were unavailable, but by chance Dave was driving passed with WRAS’s ambulance with ladders on top, so he stopped and helped, but sadly the gull died before they were able to get to the bird.

Finally thank you to everyone who came down to the Lammas Festival on the Western Lawns at Eastbourne over the weekend. The weather was much kinder to us than expected and we did well in sales and donations.