TREVOR WEEKS MBE: Nuthatch caught by a cat

The poorly nuthatch
The poorly nuthatch
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Friday November 22 is our Black Tie Charity Dinner and evening of entertainment and there are some tickets left at £40 a person.

We are also making available tickets for the evening’s DJ, dancing, magician, special photo booth and caricaturist which are just £10.

The event is at the Cumberland Hotel on Eastbourne seafront. Dinner guests arrive for the champagne reception between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, the meal is from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and the evening entertainment kicks off about 8.30pm where dinner guests will be joined by those with evening tickets.

We would like to thank the Cumberland Hotel for allowing us to use their hotel and for supporting the event. To book just call 01825 873003. The dress code is smart dress. It will be a great fun evening of entertainment and we have a few special guests coming too!

You will even see one of those rare occasions when I’m not wearing jeans and trainers nor covered in bird poo or smelling like a badger! So if you aren’t able to make it for the dinner than see if you can book for the evening entertainment, helping support WRAS help wildlife in need.

The very cute “Marciana” the hedgehog was rescued in Park Avenue, Eastbourne, after being found caught in a plastic beer can loop. Rescuer Tony found a hedgehog very smelly due to infection.

I examined the hedgehog and found a nasty and deep wound running from behind one ear down and under the hedgehog’s belly, round and up behind the other ear. I have never seen such a nasty ligature wound like this on a hedgehog before. Due to the severity of the injury the hedgehog was rushed to the out of hours emergency vets to be given an anaesthetic and have the wounds cleaned and the infection treated.

The following morning the hedgehog was transferred to Henley House Vets, Uckfield, where the work to save the hedgehog’s life continued. Marciana wounds were deep and took up a lot of veterinary time and she will need a lot more still. She is going back into the vets for another surgical procedure this week. Remarkably she is taking the treatment very well; eating and exploring her cage nicely and is clearly relieved to be free from the plastic beer can ring. She is proving to be an amazing hedgehog!

This poorly nuthatch visited us this week from Folkington after being caught by a cat. They are lovely birds and although a bit quiet at first, after just 24 hours of care the bird was much more lively and wanting to be released. So after just 48 hours of care the little bird was released back where found.

We’ve had to hold off releasing some of our casualties due to how wet and windy it has been. We were hoping to get our kestrel released last weekend but that was delayed till during this week. We also have a Robin and Collared Dove waiting to go. Numerous 150-300 gram hedgehogs are now coming into care, the smallest is just 105g which came in on November 4 but is now 165g thanks to WRAS carer Monica working her magic.

The seven storm victim baby wood pigeons are all doing great. Older babies “Huff” and “Puff” have been at the centre for over a week, the bird team have done a great job with these two grumpy youngsters, one of them had a broken beak from his fall from the nest, but it is now healing and realigning.

“Shiver”, “Quiver”, “Ice” and “Storm” are also improving. The last of the storm victims was “Breeze” who came in the day after with a badly broken leg high up near the hip. Our vets were not sure whether it would heal well but he has been the perfect patient and so accepting being in his pod while the others had playtime, allowing his bones a chance to knit together. He was gradually allowed out to sit with them at feed times until he then started to bear a little weight on the damaged leg.