TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Patient makes it a first for WRAS casualty centre

This female Crossbill was picked up near Hailsham and admitted to casualty.
This female Crossbill was picked up near Hailsham and admitted to casualty.

We have had an unusual visitor to our casualty centre this week. It’s this amazing Crossbill. This is a first for WRAS’s Casualty Centre.

This is a quite lively female and was picked up in Abbotts Wood near Hailsham. She has a dropped wing but we can’t find any fractures, so we hope that she will be releasable with rest and time.

I’ve had a really enjoyable week giving talks at various groups and locations. I met some lovely caring people and residents at the Polegate Nursing Centre. There was also a lovely crowd at the United Reformed Church in Hove and a talk at the Salvation Army Community Hall in Eastbourne for the local Brownies, Raindows and members of the church and families.

I must make a special thank you to everyone at the Salvation Army talk who raised an amazing £121.25 on the night and donated a load of cat food and towels for the casualties. I also did a presentation on our work to students at Plumpton College too.

There have been a few road casualty foxes in Eastbourne this week with one in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne reported via Sussex Police. Rescuer Tony arrived on site to find a pool of blood but no fox, which had apparently gone under a parked van and then disappeared. A fox was reported in Eastbourne as a possible road casualty. Rescuer Chris and our assistant manager Lindsay Redfern rushed to the scene. After a search the fox was found lying on a grass verge. He was rushed into the St Anne’s Veterinary Practice as he had a nasty infected wound on his face; the vets have been working on saving his life.

New hedgehogs which have been admitted are Adonis from Vale Road in Seaford, Helena from Stone Cross, St Teresa and St Mary from Hawkins Close in Hailsham, Madeline from Court Road in Lewes, and Teresa from Valley Road, Newhaven.

For the third year running we have had a hedgehog called Sandslash from The Avenue in Lewes come into care. He always seems to have trouble in the run up to Christmas. Hedgehogs Barnabas from Astonville Close in Ringmer, Christine from West Close in Polegate, Florence from The Holt in Hailsham, Simon and Judas from Dymchurch Close in Polegate, Matthew from Vale Road in Seaford, Esther and Rantzen from Buttsfield Lane in East Hoathly, Gloria from Westham, Saviour from Stone Cross, Virginia from the Chaucer Industrial Estate near Polegate, Bert from Rodmell, and a hedgehog called Thanksgiving from Westham. In total we have over 75 hedgehogs in care now.

Casualty Room One sounds like some germ ridden doctors’ surgery at the moment with coughing from everywhere you look including from me! A number of hedgehogs have lungworm. Sadly little Madeline from Court Road Ringmer lost her fight, she was just so small and had terribly high lungworm levels. Little Paul our hog covered in infected rat bites all under his belly, legs and head is now healing well. He is still under 300g, but slowly gaining weight and much brighter now. He also has mild mange poor soul.

Congratulations to Zoe Warren for completing The Brooks Brighton 10k on Sunday, November17, and raising £996.86 and another £156.25 with Gift Aid! Thank you Zoe.

Do you order heating oil? If you do you can now help support us by selecting “East Sussex Wildlife Rescue” when ordering via - just log into your account and click on “Communities” and search for our charity name or Community ID 35109. Boiler Juice then make a donation to us every time you buy oil from them without it costing you any extra.

Our 2013 Grand Raffle is going to be drawn on Saturday, December 7 at our Casualty Centre at Whitesmith at 11am. We have six great prizes including meal vouchers and more.