TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Rescue calls flood in since team’s TV award

Trevor weeks 26 April 2013
Trevor weeks 26 April 2013

Rescues have certainly shot up in the past week. Being seen on the British Animal Honours last week really made our rescue line get much busier.

We are hoping the filming will bring in some much needed funds. Sadly some people still think we are a government funded service or funded by the RSPCA, but we rely entirely on donations. If you can help support our work, either with a one off donation or more importantly a standing order for as little as £1 a month, it would be much appreciated.

Trevor weeks 26 April 2013

Trevor weeks 26 April 2013

Just some of the calls we have received in the past week have included a young blackbird not ready to fledge found grounded in Reynoldstown Lane, Polegate; a robin injured by a cat in Marshfoot lane Hailsham; a limping pheasant in Oak Tree lane, Eastbourne; a young dove from Claxton Close, Eastbourne; an injured pigeon from Lime Tree Avenue, Eastbourne, an injured gull by Eastbourne Pier; an injured bird of prey in Seaford; an injured starling from Morton Park, Hailsham; a Greenfinch from Little Common; a limping fox on a garage roof in Wannock Road, Eastbourne; a jackdaw trapped in a chimney in Mead Street, Eastbourne; a badly emaciated pigeon picked up from St Anne Vets; a crow with an injured leg at Alciston and a very poorly pigeon from Southern Water at Arlington, to name just a few.

We have also had a few fox cub calls. One call came in about a fox cub in the middle of a field off Station Road, Hailsham. The very young cub was clearly abandoned and probably picked up by a predator and dumped. The finder said there was a large bird of prey in the air above. The fox cub is now with WRAS carer Monica. We would like to thank the Fox Project for their support and help in taking on two cubs from us which were the wrong sizes to stay with our cubs.

We have also had a female mallard and two ducklings admitted to the Casualty Centre after they were run over on the A27 between Berwick Village and the Drusillas Roundabout. Mum has taken quite a knock, split her beak, road burn on her chest and a nasty puncture wound to her chest which needed closing up. Sadly one of the two remaining ducklings hasn’t survived either.

A little collard dovelet which was very hungry is now being cared for by WRAS carer Kathy. He is very small for his development stage and he has been named “Hank Marvin” as this month’s casualty name theme is “Singers”.

Two baby badgers which were rescued last week after being found wandering around following people and then attacked by a dog, are doing well up with their carers at Folly Wildlife Rescue. When rescuers arrived at the scene on the northern edge of Seaford, the badgers had retreated into a nearby hole where WRAS rescuer Kathy had to gain their confidence to catch them.

Karen Breese ran the London Marathon at the weekend as the first of her four challenges to help wildlife marathon! Karen and WRAS would love your support. Karen’s Justgiving page is

If you are a lover of all things prickly or just want to support us please take this opportunity to win an amazing hedgehog portrait entitled ‘In safe hands’ created especially to raise funds for WRAS by the artist Sandra Palme. By donating just £5 you will be entered into a draw to win this portrait and for £20 you will receive 5 entries, the winner will be picked at random in June. You can also enter the draw by donating via Paypal to, please add a note stating it is for the hedgehog draw or via