TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Stormy weather takes its toll as nests get blown down

Six baby wood pigeons, who were blown out of their nest in the Heathfield area
Six baby wood pigeons, who were blown out of their nest in the Heathfield area

The stormy weather on Sunday and Monday meant I had to stay over at the Casualty Centre just in case fallen trees caused problems for or prevented our volunteers getting to the centre.

Although we had a power cut during the night, it was all running well in time for the morning shift and everyone managed to get in.

Looking after any animal is a responsibility and at WRAS we take this seriously, this is not a hobby which can be picked up and put down as and when you want, so to ensure our casualties do not miss out on being fed, watered and medicated, we always have someone staying overnight when there is a severe weather warning like this.

The morning’s storms ended causing a number of young birds to get blown out of their nests, which included three calls to the Heathfield area for six baby wood pigeons, and another to Hawthorn Industrial Estate to a bird which crash-landed in the stormy weather and was not able to take off again.

There were also calls after several hedgehog nests weere disturbed by fence panels being blown down.

It’s that bonfire season again, and a time of year when wildlife is at risk as they try to bed themselves down for the winter season.

Nice piles of leaves, logs, and other burnable items can seem attractive to them and quite a surprise when they suddenly get set on fire! Please be aware.

A sparrowhawk and kestrel came into care last week. The sparrowhawk has a fractured wing and the X-ray shows slight compression but it should heal well. Our vets believe it will make a good recovery but only time will tell now.

The kestrel was found up on the Downs near Polegate and is underweight and thought to be one of this year’s youngsters which is struggling as we go into the winter.

Other call-outs this week have included a badger at Willingdon and Hastings, a fox at St Leonards, one from the emergency clinic at Bexhill plus one which a lady managed to trap in a shed in Seaford after noticing it was injured.

There was also a dog attacked pigeon in Seaford, an injured pigeon in Horam, a small hedgehog in Magnolia Avenue, Eastbourne, a poorly hedgehog in Mountain Ash Close, Hailsham, an injured pigeon in Hastings, a partridge in Willingdon, a seal on the beach at Saltdean, a catted bird in Jerome Close, Langney, two swans wandering around Mill Lane on the edge of Hailsham near Lion House park, one which flew off and the other was rescued and released onto a near by lake.

There is still another week to go to vote for East Sussex WRAS on Animal Friends Insurance’s monthly vote. You can help the wildlife of East Sussex by voting for East Sussex WRAS!

Many thanks to Justine and the customers at ‘Paws n Claws’ in Uckfield High Street for raising a further £25 through the sale of their hand-made dog treats. Please pop along to see their great local store if you are passing Uckfield.

Also please support the Spotlight Players who are performing “The Wizard of Oz” on December 6th, 7th and 8th at St Mary’s Church Hall in Hampden Park, Eastbourne.

The Spotlight Players have been raising money for East Sussex WRAS this year so I will be at the last show on Sunday 8th December for a presentation at the end of the show.

Please support them. To book tickets call 01323737801.