TREVOR WEEKS MBE - ‘The burglar’ who turned out to be just a stranded fox

The Hedgehog found in Lewes weighing just 150grams
The Hedgehog found in Lewes weighing just 150grams

We received an early morning call to a property in St Leonards last week. The resident called out the police after hearing noises at the back of her home. She was worried there were burglars.

The police found a fox at the rear of her property and advised her to call us. She told WRAS the fox was trapped down a drain under an inspection cover. When Kathy and I arrived on site, the fox was running about in a narrow courtyard at the back of the building. We are not sure how the fox got in there, as there are very tall walls all round the property and they would be difficult for a fox to scale. The fox was caught as it tried to hide under some wooden planks by a small drain covered in muck. The lady was clearly frightened of the fox and would not come out of her home during the rescue. Once the fox was loaded into the ambulance, I went to give her a leaflet and newsletter as well as fill out a Casualty Form, and for a moment the lady thought I was going to charge her a fee and told me “I’m sure my council tax money more than covers this”. So I explained we were not part of the council and we don’t get any of her tax and rely on donations, being a charity. This is a common misconception.

We were also called out to a report of a duck stranded in Lewes High Street. This sounded unusual, and at first we wondered if it was going to end up being something else. To our surprise it was a female duck and we found it wandering back and forth behind some railings in Lewes High Street. It wasn’t too difficult to catch the duck. We checked it over and found no injuries or signs of trauma. We released the duck down at the Pells Pond at Lewes so it had the safety of the water.

We have had yet another collared dove come in from Uckfield with a nasty head injury. The poor bird was unable to stand or lift his head up. Both eyes were closed and swollen. He was very poorly but after some crop feeding and medication the swelling receded and the dove has improved. He is now eating for himself and able to walk round and perch.

Also from Uckfield we have a hedgehog which we have named “Bell”, around 500g. She was found trapped inside a garage. The finders feared they had run her over moving their car. Luckily this wasn’t the case and we think she just wandered in when the door was open. She was very thirsty, dusty, cold, underweight and a little wobbly. For now she is munching on some food and given Lectade to drink.

We have had a number of releases this week including a Kestrel at Little Horsted, as well as a young wood pigeon at Ringmer which flew into a window and a dove which also flew into a window at Northease Manor School near Lewes. There are videos of their releases available on our You Tube page at Lindsay has worked hard over the past couple of weeks hand rearing some baby mice, they have all grown up and were released last week back to the wild.

A little hedgehog was rescued in Lewes last week weighing just 150 grams! Now in care and being hand reared the little chap is in the caring hands of Monica who is looking after him at home along with another little hedgehog which also came in from Lewes later the same day.

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