TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Unusual Polegate wildlife casualty taken into care

The mole found in Polegate and taken into care.
The mole found in Polegate and taken into care.

We had a call about an unusual wildlife casualty this week. It was a mole. We rarely see them in care and they are quite specialist animals to look after.

This little chap was found in a field in Polegate not wanting to move. Our colleagues from Folly Wildlife Rescue have very kindly taken him on from us.

We’ve had a young gull rescued by centre manager Chris on his way into work. It was hit by a car on Upperton Road, Eastbourne. It was quickly rushed to our on-call vet. The gull had lost the use of its legs, but they are starting to regain movement and we hope with a bit of time the gull will make a full recovery.

We also had an adult gull which we collected from St Annes Vets. He was also hit by a car in Eastbourne. He had some minor scrapes and grazes, but hopefully should do well.

We had a couple of pigeons collected from St Anne’s Vets this week too. Rescuer Amy has been out to St Leonards for a pigeon caught by a cat.

Another lovely colourful visitor this week has been a gold crest rescued at a school in Firle Road, Seaford, with minor concussion. Luckily he had no injuries. After medication and 24 hours’ rest, he was raring to go and so was test flown and then taken back for release.

A gold crest rescued with minor concussion from a school in Seaford.

A gold crest rescued with minor concussion from a school in Seaford.

“Volvo” our fox, which came into care from Cooden Beach after being caught in a fence by a rear leg, has now fully recovered and has been released back into the wild. He has been in care for over six weeks now. All our vets, Mike, Chris and Simon, have been involved in caring for this fox in order to help the nasty leg wound recover. After weeks of changing bandages, cleaning wounds, and medication WRAS’s care team and feed and clean shift volunteers have done an amazing job in saving this fox so that it could be returned back to the wild.

After last week’s Brighton Marina swan rescue, we were able to return and catch the second of the injured swans. This one’s injuries were nowhere near as bad as the first swan so came into WRAS’s Casualty Centre for just 24 hours of care. We were able to return this swan to his partner on the inner harbour the following day.

There is a video of the release of this swan on our You Tube Channel. The other swan which was more seriously injured has also been returned from the Swan Sanctuary too after five days of care to repair the wounds.

We also had a swan emergency in Eastbourne this week. We believed the swan to have crashed into a wire or overhead cable and crashed at the Gas Works off Finmere Road, Eastbourne.

The pigeon recovers after a cat attack.

The pigeon recovers after a cat attack.

The swan was rushed up to our Casualty Centre where we cleaned and treated the wounds before being delivered up to the vets at the Swan Sanctuary.

We have also been out to two swans wandering along Marsden Road, Eastbourne. At first we thought they might be the adventurous swans from Langney Pond. They have been known to wander around the local housing estate, but they were still on their pond. Our rescuers caught the swans on Marsden Road and delivered them up to WRAS for a check over.

As it was getting late they were bedded down for the night and released at Princes Park the following morning.

The buzzard which was rescued at Chailey last week has been released now back into the wild where found. A video of the release is at our You Tube Channel at