TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Variable weather is causing confusion among wildlife

trevor weeks
trevor weeks

Is it winter or is it summer! The weather at the moment is really causing confusion for our wildlife.

Freezing cold winds, snow showers, sleet and Met Office warnings for ice one minute then blazing sun shine and warmth the next, I feel sorry for all our wildlife out there.

trevor weeks

trevor weeks

We are holding our Easter Fair at the Clinton Centre, opposite Barclays Bank on the A259 in the middle of Seaford Town Centre on Saturday, April 13. Doors open at 9.30am till 2pm. There will be various jumble and bric-a-brac stalls, and refreshments and WRAS goods will also be on sale. Please come and support us, we really need your support.

Our long term Tawny Owl casualty has finally been moved to an outside aviary this week at Lewes. He is the first casualty to use our new aviary which has kindly been funded by the Edna Smylie Memorial Trust. Amazingly within days of him going outside we were called out to another Tawny Owl just after midnight.

The finder picked up the owl on the A22 at Golden Cross and took it home to Maynards Green, where we attended on site. The owl is now at the Casualty Centre, sleeping the incident off with the help of some medication.

We have had another fox cub admitted into care this week after being found trapped inside a composting toilet on a campsite at Firle, so we have named him Louis.

The finder placed the cub outside overnight to see if mum would return for him, but he was still there in the morning so they rang WRAS for help. He is more than twice the weight of the other three orphans we have. Fox cubs shouldn’t be on their own for very long, so after a week of waiting to see if any others would come in, we decided to ring round and see if anyone else had any of a similar size. We had to look as far as Vale Wildlife Rescue in Gloucester, who very kindly came across and collected Louis at the weekend. Another good example of how animal welfare groups should be working together in the best interest of the animals.

WRAS has been nominated for the “Small Charity of the Year” Award in the British Animal Honours 2013 which is a brand new ITV event celebrating the achievements of the country’s most extraordinary animals and the people who work with them. The event will be filmed in front of a live audience and hosted by Paul O’Grady. The show is inspired by the UK’s unwavering connection with animals.

There are numerous awards which have been judged by a 30 strong jury made up of animal experts, charities and celebrities. I will be attending the event along with my partner and WRAS’s Volunteer Co-ordinator Kathy Martyn, WRAS’s Assistant Casualty Care Centre Managers Kate Cuddis and Lindsay Redfern.

A number of WRAS volunteers will also be attending the event in the audience too. We are rather excited and it will be good recognition for all the hard work undertaken by all our dedicated volunteers. I am so touched that people have nominated us for this award, it’s amazing that we have been shortlisted, when you look at how many individuals and organisations there are across the country, and the amazing work they do I am really surprised that we made it onto the shortlist.

I hope this programme inspires more people to get involved in animal welfare and to donate to these good causes. The programme will be filmed at the Elstree Studios, Borehamwood on Thursday, April 11. The transmission date is Thursday, April 18 between 8-10pm on ITV.

We had a swan crash land in Astaire Avenue, Eastbourne. He was not seriously injured but it was unusual for an adult to crash at this location without some form of a reason. There was a lump on the back of the neck which turned out to be an air gun pellet, but it had been there for a while and certainly wasn’t the cause of the crash. After 48hours at the Casualty Centre the swan was fit enough to be released.

A rather unusual visitor is with us at the moment - a stoat. He was found in near Selmeston rather confused and his tongue hanging out. It looks as if he might have bitten his tongue after being hit by a car. Amazingly his injuries are fairly minor. He is being treated and well looked after, but not out of the woods yet. Fingers crossed he will make a full recovery at our Casualty Centre.

Other rescues this week have included catching and releasing a robin flying round inside a house in Eastbourne, a hedgehog with mange in Lewes, a hedgehog with an internal parasite problem in Langney, a hedgehog with very severe facial damage in Langney caught by a dog, a gull trapped in a fence in Eastbourne, a badly injured pigeon in Newhaven, a collapsed fox in Seaford, a limping duck in Hampden Park and Peelings Lane Pond Westham, a swan at Hailsham Common Pond with a plastic ring round its beak, as well as a couple of adult blue tits with head trauma, that is only some of the calls!