TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Young fox rescued after being trapped in courtyard

This mange covered fox came into care after being trapped in a basement courtyard in St Leonards.
This mange covered fox came into care after being trapped in a basement courtyard in St Leonards.

A baby hedgehog had to be rescued today after being found stuck in a Christmas Bauble at Isfield near Lewes.

Kathy and I were called out by staff at the Laughing Fish Pub after they discovered the baby hedgehog in distress with something attached to its back. Despite being our day off, we are always on call for emergencies and those incidents which need more experience. Being the closest ambulance we attended as the condition sounded fairly serious over the phone. We soon found that the object on the hedgehog was actually a Christmas bauble in the shape of a little red apple, with a hanging loop for attaching to Christmas trees.

We now have three foxes in care after two others came in care last week. This poor little mange covered fox came into care after a call from Sussex Police reporting a fox trapped in a basement courtyard in St Leonards. Rescuer Dave attended on site and managed to catch the fox. The poor creature is being treated for sarcoptic mange and hopefully will make a full recovery. If anyone wants to know more about sarcoptic mange and how people can help treat it then visit the Fox Projects Mange advice page on their website at

One of the other foxes which came in briefly last week was the fox trapped inside Seaford’s Martello Museum. The fox was released close to the museum that same evening. It was certainly one of the most unusual locations for a fox rescue!

We have another fox in care at the moment which was found very dazed and wobbly, possibly a road casualty, found curled up under a car in Seaford. He is also in care at the moment but we should be able to get them out for release back where found this week. We also still have in the fox from Willingdon Primary School which was caught by its toe. He is making a good recovery and wounds are still being treated.

WRAS would like to express its thanks to student Keira Evans who had her final day at WRAS. Keira has been volunteering three days a week with WRAS for the past year as part of her work placement for university. Keira has been a great help and really useful support for Kate, Lindsay and I. We wish her good luck for her future.

Are you interested in becoming an on-call rescuer based at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith committing to one day a week either from 10am till 6pm or 7am till 3pm or 3pm till 10pm. If so please e-mail Trevor at or ring 01825 873003. Please ensure you mention “Rescue Volunteer” when expressing interest.

Last week we also had a swan rescue at Halland. The swan was a disabled swan placed by the Swan Sanctuary on a lake back in 2003. The swan is the last of a disabled pair of swans and their cygnets which were released there. Rescuer Tony attended on site and caught the swan whose face was very badly swollen. After some treatment at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre the swan was rushed up to the Swan Sanctuary for their vet to examine and treat. The injury has turned out to be a bite from a young fox, chancing its luck on trying to catch a swan.

We are still getting in numerous young birds, doves, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, but sadly mainly as a result of being caught by cats.

There have also been more young hedgehogs found out during the day frequently dehydrated and some with injuries from dog bites to strimmer wounds.