TREVOR WEEKS: Our memory tree honours those who left us legacies

Memory tree in WRAS reception SUS-180131-144034001
Memory tree in WRAS reception SUS-180131-144034001

Volunteer rescuers Katie, Stacey and Chris have spent nearly two hours looking for two foxes hit around Ravenside Bexhill. Stacey who is from Bexhill attended on site and started searching and Chris and Katie from the hospital joined shortly after.

One fox was nowhere to be seen and after a long search was called off.

The second fox was spotted deep in bracken and rescuers could not get to it.

Eventually after a prod it came out and clearly regained its composure and bolted through three gardens and over a six foot fence.

Fingers crossed it was just knocked and dazed.

We have another guillemot in care.

This time from it has come to us via Bexhill Wildlife Rescue.

It has a fractured leg which has been splinted but it is unclear whether it will heal properly and well enough for release.

So we are monitoring this one at the moment to see how it goes.

Every now and then we get a legacy or a donation in the post via a funeral director where money has been collected for our charity at a funeral instead of flowers or a collection has taken place.

We find it really touching that at such a sad time people think highly enough of our humble charity to choose us to make donations.

We have wanted for a while to honour those people.

In our reception we now have a “memory tree” on the wall, where leaves are being placed to remember people.

We have already backdated quite a few leaves with peoples names on and are more than happy for people to visit and see the names in reception as a lasting memory, tribute and thank you.

These donations are invaluable and make a huge difference in keeping our service on the road so this is the least we can do to say thank you and remember those who, like us, loved wildlife.

For more information about leaving us a legacy or about our memory tree visit our website

A big thank you to 4x4 Response, Steve Woodgate and Sussex Police for helping recover one of ambulances after it got stuck on the grass in the middle of the Polegate Roundabout last week.

WRAS was called out after reports of a bird of prey caught in wire in the middle of the roundabout.

For safety and to avoid rescuers having to cross three lanes of traffic the ambulance was driven on to the grass (as has been done before) but we were not expecting it to be quite so wet.

After a search of the roundabout the bird of prey clearly had freed itself and disappeared.

On trying to leave the ambulance became stuck. 4x4 Response very kindly came out but even their four wheel drive couldn’t get enough grip on the mud to tow us off.

As a result Sussex Police were called to help stop the traffic so the 4x4 could position itself on the road to get a better grip and finally rescue WRAS’s ambulance!

Thank you to all those involved and apologies for the very short delay to anyone at Polegate that afternoon.

4x4 Response have refused a donation from us, so if anyone would like to make a donation towards their charity service or find out more about what they do please visit their website at

Someone will now have to clean the ambulance!

Due to the avian influenza in the UK some vets practices are not accepting wild birds and only euthanasing then if presented with them at their practices.

These vets are supposed to warn people if phoning first and advise them to contact their local Wildlife Rescue.

Please check with your local vet what their policy is before turning up on their door.

Or better still, contact us first.