Twinning links between village and France forged

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Plans are underway to twin Alfriston with a village in France. A successful meet and greet between representatives from both village has led to plans to create the official link.

It is hoped to formalise the twinning with Veules les Roses early next year.

Members of an informal twinning group welcomed dignatries from Normandy at the weekend. The guests were given a guided tour of the village, visited Alfriston Primary School and met at the George pub.

It was the first time the group had been visited by their Geallic freinds since links were set up in May.

The association began when French teacher Babette Kundret stumbled aross the village while in holidayy in Normandy.

Twinning hopes have since blossomed since the cross-channel freindship was persued by Mrs Kundret to help her students learn French.

The Burgundy native said: “We had a formal meeting with a parish councillor and decided that we were going to move forward to a formal twinning which should take place next May or June.

“Now we need a formal agreement from the parish council but that’s to be decided at the next counil meeting, but I’ve spoken to individual councillors and there’s been no opposition.

“But I think we must be careful to stress that it is still only a project, although there are no reasons why it should not proceed to the next stage, which is the formal signature.”

She added: “The meeting went extremely well . If the twinning doesn’t happen we will still have links but I’m sure it will be much more than that.”

The Alfriston group visitedFrance in May, led by Parish Councillor Dr June Goodfield.

The mayor of Veules les Roses, Jean Claude Claire, and Mme Daniele Paulmier and M Jean Louis Angelini, led the return first visit on October 5.