Twists and turns at Mayfield

Father Nigel pictured in front of the St Dunstan's labyrinth
Father Nigel pictured in front of the St Dunstan's labyrinth

Mayfield’s new village Labyrinth will be unveiled at a ceremony and service in St Dunstan’s churchyard at 10am on Saturday, August 10.

This labyrinth is believed to be the largest in the UK - if anyone can identify a bigger one they should challenge Father Nigel Prior, St Dunstan’s vicar.

The labyrinth has been created in the north eastern section of the churchyard with grass paths leading to the centre and then outwards - you cannot get lost. The earth borders are being planted with wild flowers with advice from the creators of the Olympic Park flower meadow.

Father Nigel points out: “The pattern is over 4,000 years old and appears in many cultures. In the Grecian myth Theseus goes through the Cretan labyrinth to do battle with a monster and then finds his way back using the thread given him by Ariadne which he had unwound behind him on his journey. Today that would be called a maze.

“The word labyrinth is now used to describe a path that has only one way to and from the centre. In this form it was imprinted on the floors of European churches and cathedrals from the 12th to the 14th centuries - one famous one can be found in Chartres Cathedral - and there is no doubt that Christians borrowed it from much earlier myths.”

All are welcomed to the ceremony. The Mayfield labyrinth invites people to walk prayerfully along a sacred path and find enlightenment. Father Nigel thanked those who had helped in its creation.