Two wins for UKIP on Seaford East by-election

UKIP has made fresh inroads into East Sussex, securing two seats on Seaford Town Council in the Seaford East by-election held yesterday on Thursday March 27.

George Cork (UKIP) won a seat with 496 votes, as did Linda Lord (UKIP) with 457 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Ian Cairns took 296 votes, with Paul De Courcy Bower securing 270 votes for the Lib Dems.

Meanwhile the Conservative candidate Roger Foxwell won 280 votes and Jim Lord took 271 votes for Labour.

In last position was the Labour Party: Helen Renson won 94 votes and Mathew Basford 102.

During the elections for East Sussex County Council in 2013, UKIP, which previously had no county councillors in East Sussex, won a total of seven seats putting them in level pegging with Labour, which also won seven seats.

Four of the winning UKIP candidates were in Seahaven.