Uckfield and Crowborough kids’ fitness challenge


Uckfield and Crowborough youngsters can stay active through the summer holiday thanks to a Junior Summer Fitness Challenge.

The Challenge is run by Freedom Leisure and Wealden District Council at both towns’ leisure centres from July 21 to September 7. Youngsters from four to 14 receive a fitness diary to record their activities. Each diary has 10 spaces to record their chosen activity which must last at least 30 minutes.

For every ten activities they complete, children receive a reward from their local Freedom Leisure Centre such as vouchers .

The aim is to complete 30 activities through the holiday and children can do up to 50 sessions a week if they’d like to - either at the leisure centres or at home, such as a family walk, a bike ride, football in the park, walking the dog or washing the car.

Freedom Leisure is also looking for the most active school in the area. The school with the highest percentage of pupils completing a minimum 30 activities wins a children’s Pool Party.

Claire Dowling said: “This is a great incentive for youngsters to think about different ways to be active and they are highly motivated to gain rewards for the effort they put in.”