Uckfield and Heathfield Hard of Hearing Groups are here to help

ANYONE who is deaf or hard of hearing – plus their relatives and friends – are invited to go along to the Uckfield or Heathfield Hard of Hearing Groups and take the opportunity to meet other people in an easy-to-communicate atmosphere.

The groups meet once a month and are run by the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre.

Different speakers attend each month to talk on a variety of subjects and equipment is demonstrated which can be of help to hard of hearing people.

People will also learn useful tips on how to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing people so friends and family might want to come along too.

The next meeting at Heathfield will be on Monday Jan 9 2012, 2pm - 3.30pm at The Red Cross Centre, Streatfield Road, TN21 8LA.

The subject for the talk this month is ‘hearing did maintenance,.’ How should you clean your hearing aid?

How often should you replace the tubing?

How long should a battery last? Go along and find out the answers to these and many other problems that hearing aid wearers face on a daily basis. The talk is presented by David Rowan.

For further information please contact: David Rowan, East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre, 8 St Leonard’s Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3UH  Tel: 01323 722505 (voice/text/fax), email: david@eshrc.org.uk or visit www.eshrc.org.uk.