Uckfield centre cares for more than a hundred rescued horses

A popular place on all animal lovers’ visiting lists each summer is the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust’s HQ at Hempstead Farm, Uckfield.

Although the farm is closed for the winter, work still goes on caring for its 100 or so horses, donkeys and other rescued animals. The aims of the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust are quite simply equine welfare: to prevent cruelty and relieve suffering of horses, ponies and donkeys; to provide management and maintenance of facilities for the care of rescued animals and to extend their work including education and advice.

Although no animal, once rescued, is ever sold, where possible they rehabilitate the animals and, when fully recovered, they ‘loan’ them out to homes that can provide such an environment. All potential loan homes are vigorously inspected and, if placed, the loaned animal is regularly checked. If the loan home is no longer able to look after the animal, for whatever reason, it has to be returned to SHRT.

At Hempstead Farm people are always encouraged to visit on open days and they have instigated plans to develop an environment that is both informative and pleasurable. As well as raising awareness of the plight suffered by some equines in this country, access to the public also raises much needed revenue to be used towards the care of residents. It is essential that Trustees make the farm desirable to visitors in the hope that they will return again and recommend others to visit.

If you love horses, know a little about caring for them and would like a part-time job, a yard hand is wanted at Hempstead Farm. If you are interested, please email your CV with two references to sussexhorsetrust@yahoo.com.

You could start straight away.