Uckfield Community College goes to the polls

UCKFIELD Community Technology College students joined the rest of Britain to go to the polls on May 5.

The college’s second mock general election took place, starting with a Question-Time style format debating session.

Five major parties were represented including Wealden MP Charles Hendry (Conservatives,) Colin Stocks (Green Party,) Bruce Meredeen (Labour,) Dan Docker (UKIP) and Chris Bowers (LibDem.)

Questions submitted by 300 sixth form students were fired at the candidates during their form assembly on April 28 covering a range of topics from government spending and the economy to tuition fees and educational maintenance allowances.

The most hotly contested issue was the referendum vote on the change in the electoral system.

Many students were unaware of what a change of system might do so each candidate was asked to present their view.

Four candidates on the ‘yes’ side were opposed by Charles Hendry whose ‘no’ summed up the subsequent view of the national electorate.

On May 5, all sixth form students and UCTC staff voted for their preferred candidate through the First Past the Post electoral system.

In total 304 votes were cast, 70 from staff. Students were also invited to rank their candidates in order of preference as they would under the Alternative Vote system.

The Lib Dems won under both voting systems with Labour second and Conservative third under the current system and Greens second under AV.