Uckfield Film Society has something for everyone

The Uckfield Film Society’s 14th season opens on Sunday and includes everything from classics to new films.

Hitchcock’s 1953 masterpiece, Dial M for Murder, is there and so is Gone with the Wind, one of the truly great films of the 1930s, but it also has Beyond the Hills, the 2012 film about two women who grew up together who went their separate ways, now reunited.

The season opens with Werner Herzog’s extraordinary account of the pious ruthlessly ambitious Spanish invaders as they pursue their fantasies of riches and power in the Amazonian forests, with the delusion of recreating European society in a totally alien landscape.

Aguire the Wrath of God is on at the Picture House on Sunday September 8.

Uckfield Film Society members come from miles around to enjoy world class films in air conditioned comfort at the Uckfield Picture House. This season’s programme includes films from Germany, America, Romania, France, Belgium and Italy.

Membership is still £30 a year and films are shown from September until May on a Sunday evening, sometimes with speakers.

Programmes from the Picture House on 01825 764909 or www.picturehouseuckfield.com