Uckfield firm celebrates links with St Pancras Station

LINKS between major rail engineering projects and an iconic London building were celebrated by bosses and staff of an Uckfield company just before Christmas.

On Thursday, December 22, itmsoil – the Uckfield-based firm which is a world-leader in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art instruments designed to measure movements in structures – chose St Pancras Station for a pre-Christmas gathering.

The firm’s bosses chose the station because of close links dating back to the building of its Victorian Gothic facade and recent refurbishment.

St Pancras is also key to connections with the Thameslink railway tunnel and Eurostar, other operations which have made use of itmsoil’s technology.

The company’s connection with the station goes back to its original construction but also monitoring the stability of the Grade 1 listed building and the Thameslink railway tunnel beneath it during refurbishment. Its instruments monitor the safety of dams, tunnels, deep excavations, roads, railways, buildings and landslides. The magnificent frontage of St Pancras was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, great uncle of Jonathan Scott, a founder of itmsoil.

All the connections were celebrated at the pre-Christmas party. Group chief executive Mark Kirkbride said St Pancras was the perfect choice. “It is an iconic development in the eyes of engineers.”

The firm has grown from just over 100 people to 170 and this is set to increase to 200 by next year.

London staff came down to Uckfield earlier this month when the office was transformed into a replica country pub called The Uncivil Engineer. They found a boardroom stocked with oak barrels, a fireplace, full bar and candlelit Dickensian-style feast heaped onto tables. All traces of the ‘pub’ were removed the next day.