Uckfield firm wins contract for works on Blue Nile

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AN UCKFIELD firm has won a massive contract to work on an iconic African river.

Itmsoil has been awarded a contract worth £190,000 to supply equipment which monitors data recorded at a dam in Sudan. The company has already installed a variety of sensors at the Roseires Dam on the Blue Nile during a project to raise its height. Project manager Rob King-Mason said the water level at the dam has been lowered while the work is completed and the dam is due to be commissioned at the end of May.

Roseires Dam was completed in 1966 but sediment reduced the reservoir’s capacity so work began again to add ten metres to the height of the concrete dam and embankments. Storage capacity will be increased from three billion cubic metres to 7.4 billion cubic metres.

The dam generates hydroelectricity and helps with flood control and the irrigation of land. Rob King-Mason said: “We are pleased to have won this contract which consolidates the work done so far at the dam. Our instrumentation is in many dams worldwide including Pakistan and Iran.”