Uckfield foodbank team is ‘overwhelmed and grateful’

Uckfield Food Bank by Ron Hill
Uckfield Food Bank by Ron Hill

Uckfield demonstrated its generous spirit on Saturday with a bumper crop of donations to the town’s newly opened Foodbank.

Organisers held their first supermarket collection day at Tesco. Shoppers donated groceries and everyday items from their purchases.

Spokesman Sharon Burt said: “We are overwhelmed and so grateful. I think we had enough food given to fill about 11 trolleys. We had loads of pasta - five boxes full. There were also lots of tins. About the only things we are short of are fruit juices and powdered milk.”

Sharon said they have now applied to Tesco for a permanent box so if people want to donate in future it will be easy to do so. A total of 15 volunteers went into the store to help on the day.

The Foodbank is now fully operational at The King’s Centre, Grange Road on Tuesday and Friday afternoons between 2.30-4pm each day. Vouchers for three days worth of food can be obtained from the Citizens Avice Bureau, doctors and social workers.

“There has been an amazing take-up for the service” Sharon continued. “You can imagine why - people have been made redundant, a relationship has broken down and a partner is left destitute with children to feed, a long period of sickness - people are trying hard to cope and they are very proud. We are in some cases the last resort.”