Uckfield Good Samaritan braves car driver’s anger

Georgina Andrade, Uckfield
Georgina Andrade, Uckfield

A brave woman from Uckfield faced the fury of a heartless motorist who was preparing to drive away after smashing into a parked car.

Georgina Andrade, 26, (pictured on page 1) a beauty therapist from Bell Farm Lane, Uckfield had just finished her shopping when she heard a loud bang and saw the male driver of a car had crashed violently into another vehicle that was parked alongside.

She thought the driver would automatically get out of his car and leave his registration and contact details.

But to her horror, this didn’t happen.

Georgina said: “I watched and waited and saw he was getting ready to drive off. I thought, there’s lots of times that’s happened to me and it’s awful to come back to your car and find a dent in it. I was horrified that someone could be so selfish. So I walked over and banged on his bonnet. It’s not the sort of thing I would have done normally but I was really fed up and saw that he was about to drive away. I know what it’s like when you realise someone has damaged your car. It costs money too. ”

She described how the driver asked: “Can I help you?” Georgina replied: “No, but I saw you have just crashed into that car.” He said: “So what, it doesn’t matter. What are you going to do about it?”

She told the Express: “That’s when I really got angry. I said: ‘Aren’t you going to park and leave your name and number, surely you must have a piece of paper?’”

But the driver did not so Georgina reached into her bag and provided a piece.

She went on: “He took ages writing it down. I stood by and told him I was going to wait until he did.”

That’s when the man asked if she was an off-duty police officer.

Georgina then checked the details and thought the wrong numbers have been written down, so she took a photograph of the car, the number plate and the man himself.

Sarah Mackintosh, also from Uckfield was the owner of the 13-registered car and contacted the Express with the story.

She said: “The long and the short of it was that after a while, I returned to my car to find it badly dented and two notes on it. The outcome was that my car needed about £500 worth of repairs and without Georgina’s intervention I would have had to pay for this. She stepped in when needed and was a star. Sadly however a few days later her car had the side mirror broken off and nobody claimed responsibility. If only someone had been as kind as she was.”

Sarah explained: “I’m going on holiday shortly and I believe it makes a real difference if people help each other like this. I was impressed by Georgina for stepping in. She could have chosen to walk on by but didn’t.”

Georgina is a freelance beauty therapist who travels to people’s homes to give treatments under the name: Ushuaia Beauty (email: www.ushuaiabeauty.com. A former model, she’s been in the business for 10 years, working in salons and spas across the County, before deciding to start on her own at just 24.