Uckfield Independents to stand

The TRUST Independent candidates (except Ridgewood candidates) by Ron Hill
The TRUST Independent candidates (except Ridgewood candidates) by Ron Hill

A group of 12 local men and women will stand as prospective Independent members at Uckfield’s Town Council elections in May.

They are independent of party political influence, but say they are strongly linked by a common cause: Uckfield.

Between them, they have lived and worked in the town for a total of more than 300 years.

They also share a common goal, which is why they have chosen to form TRUST – Team Representing Uckfield Supporting Transparency.

The group shares a current worrying perception of many people in Uckfield that important information about decisions made on their behalf is often unclear or inaccessible.

Together, TRUST Independents aim to work to promote increased transparency, accountability and trust of elected representatives in the town.

As Independents, they do not feel that the Town Council should be about party politics which, they feel, can be divisive and distracting from the very important matters that decide the community’s future.

The TRUST team all live or work in Uckfield and many of them were born, raised and educated in the town and vow to represent the true views of residents. They also aim to be readily available and accessible to attend to the needs of their fellow townsfolk.

A spokesman said: “As well as being contactable via all the normal methods of communication, you will actually see our candidates in and around Uckfield (even outside election periods) and if elected, we promise that we will listen to all issues and ideas that residents present to us.”

Although retaining High Street parking is one thing they believe in, Independents also recognise that there are many other issues that will need to be addressed if they are elected.

Among issues are ensuring UCTC has the ability to expand; protecting Hempstead Meadows Local Nature Reserve; extending the station platform; enhancing railway services and resolving parking problems and improving the town’s infrastructure relevant to its history and residents’ wishes.

They are: North ward: Donna French, Louise Eastwood, Chris Macve, James Anderson and Jackie Love. Central ward: Diane Ward, Alex Butcher. Newtown: Duncan Bennett, Josh Gibbens and Mick Dean. Ridgewood: Jez Beesley and Shirley Davies.