Uckfield man aims to snatch electric motorbike record

Phil Edwards Weald EVT and his electric motorcycle
Phil Edwards Weald EVT and his electric motorcycle

THE BOSS of an Uckfield firm whose motorbike broke a world record has announced an electric motorcycle drag racing challenge.

The Weald EVT electric motorcycle eclipsed the Alternative Energy Racing Record for the UK in May 2011 at Santa Pod from 14.99 seconds to 14.12 seconds for the quickest quarter mile standing start.

However Kingston University snatched it back in September 2011. Phil Edwards, owner Weald EVT told us: “We couldn’t leave it there; we have to respond, after all that is why we do motorsport, to continually strive to improve.”

Phil’s ambitious project is to challenge the cream of American motorcycle builders and set the world’s quickest quarter mile run. He aims to showcase how the UK is leading electric vehicles and transport in general with technology and great British know-how.

UK based British and European TTXGP Series rider, Rob Moon will take the hot seat at Santa Pod. He said: “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved with Weald. To be able to smash the existing record first time out is amazing. Our next bike will be bigger and better, so watch out Kingston.”

Phil is an engineer whose passion began a few years ago when he built an electric motorcycle to take on the UK’s leading motorsport universities. He now plans to challenge the world which people will be able to see via Internet coverage.

Wealden MP and Energy Minister Charles Hendry added: “Phil is a man pushing forward the boundaries of electric vehicle technology here in the middle of Sussex. As we so often see, the work done for racing machines becomes mainstream just a few years later. Phil understands the technology and he is a man to watch as the Green Growth agenda moves forward.”