Uckfield newlyweds’ unusual marriage gift

Janet and Peter Hedger from Uckfield
Janet and Peter Hedger from Uckfield

A newlywed Uckfield couple gave each other perfect sight as an unusual wedding present.

Peter Hedger and Janet were the first in Britain to pioneer groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology to restore their vision.

Peter, 64, who runs an MOT centre, and financial clerk Janet tied the knot last year. Rather than jewellery or equipment for their home they opted to book appointments with consultant ophthalmic surgeon Saj Khanb at the London Eye Hospital. Mr Khan carried out the operations one after the other on the same date using the new artificial intelligence machine.

Peter and Janet both wore glasses for reading and Peter recently had to start wearing them for computer work.

Peter said: “Glasses had become the bane of our lives. It was only a matter of time before we had to wear them all the time. Life got in the way of doing anything about it but when the house was finally as we wanted it, the children were grown up and we had got married, we decided it was the ideal time.

“It was a great feeling to have been chosen to have a procedure using this new technology. Being able to read without glasses for the first time in years was just amazing. Having the procedure was one of the best decisions I have ever made, other than marrying my wife of course!”

Mr Khan recommended trifocal lens implants for Peter and Janet. The lens gives clear near, middle and far vision with no glare. Previous lenses had to find a compromise between poor intermediate vision or glare and halos, often experienced at night or when driving.

Mr Khan said this new procedure ensures 100 per cent standard is met. An innovative Verion machine measures the eye, electrically uploads data, plans the operation and tells sister machines what to do for accuracy with no human error. Medical advances and improved healthcare mean the over-65 UK population is at an all time high of 11 million. With 60 per cent of over 65s suffering from cataracts, it’s vital sight-saving technology continues to evolve.

Mr Khan, said: “It was a delight meeting Peter and Janet, and watching them walk out of the hospital together, both with corrected vision, was a touching moment. We are thrilled that Peter and Janet have gained so much from the procedure, and we wish them well in their married life.”

Peter said: “The hospital staff were the best we’ve met, and made us feel at ease from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble and I thank them for looking after us.”