Uckfield open day celebration for wildlife meadow

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UCKFIELD residents who campaigned to create a wildlife meadow on a precious piece of land near Selby Road celebrate their success with an open day on Saturday (April 30)

A scheme to earmark the land for building was vigorously opposed by people living nearby. They approached landowners Uckfield Town Council and persuaded them to grant a lease on the acre site.

New Town Action Group spokesman Mark Hallett told the Express: “We’ve called it Selby Meadow and it’s set up as a green buffer zone between Selby Road, Oakley Court and the new development at Harlands Farm.”

He described how work parties were set up to clear the land of rubbish including 30 tyres, bits of glass which are still being dug up and an old greenhouse.

The space now has wild flowers, bird boxes, a bug hotel, a toad abode and butterfly area plus a 150 year old oak tree, subject to a tree preservation order.

Everyone is invited to the opening which starts at 2.30pm. Visitors can enjoy snail racing with snails decorated in the colours of Brighton and Hove Albion and Southampton (who play each other that day,) refreshments and a free raffle. There will also be an Easter egg hunt for children.

You can find the space well signposted off Selby Road.